Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Healing with the Whales and Dolphins

Healing with the Whales and Dolphins 
Jane enters into a conscious telepathic connection with both whales and dolphins to scan and clear energy blocks within the body and chakras.  
With their sensitive sonar abilities, whales work through Jane to identify and clear stagnant or blocked energy flows within the body.  The whales guide Jane with insights about traumas being stored in the body, and provide information if further actions are needed beyond their efforts to create fluid energy movement.
Dolphins, using the same sonar gifts, work through Jane to scan, balance and harmonize the chakras of the body’s energy system.  With their signature joyful approach to life, they awaken and restore healthy chakra function.  The dolphins provide Jane with information for further steps for healing if they are needed.
Whale and Dolphin sessions with Jane
$20 for 15 minutes